Writer: Jason Zachary Pott

Artist : Alan Bennett

Copyright Neo Trash Comix 2014

The first CROSSOVER EVENT between two Independent Small Presses:  NEÖtrash Comix & Black Box Comix!

Coming together in the first issue of Black Box's WEIRD ATOMIC TALES, these two small presses brought together their two main characters--Johnny Vega, Space Ranger & Jonnny Morbid, two-bit hit man from Cleveland--into an "Old School, Smack Down" comic.  Doktor Plutarius' endless quest for the ultimate doomsday device results in his creation of the Universe Ripper & it is up to Johnny Vega & Jonny Morbid to make sure the mad scientist never gets the chance to use it!

It is a cosmic struggle--ending in an epic brawl--that arrives from the deepest reaches of space to the inner-city streets of Cleveland

Front Cover
Back Cover