Writer: Jason Zachary Pott

Artist : Paul Johnson

Copyright Neo Trash Comix 2014

A Mad Scientist, Dead Babies with Chainsaws, The Order of the Melting Fist, a Cat with wings & an ornery old Wizard--what more can happen in the NEÖtrash Üniverse!?  How about a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!?

NEÖtrash's latest addition to their "Rogues Gallery" explodes from the alleyways of urban decay found on Earth & other Alien Worlds to cast a deadly spell upon unsuspecting readers--DEACON JAXX: HOMELESS NEKROMANCER!!!

In this latest book from NEÖtrash, Deacon Jaxx must stop the evil Doktor Plutarius from getting his hands on a Clockwork Demon--a weapon of immense power!  But with a shadowy organization--The Order of the Melting Fist--wanting the device as well, not even the Pistol Packin' Preacher Pimps are going to be enough to help the old wizard and his winged cat, Kalÿpsø, in their struggle to keep the universe safe from extinction!